Biometric Time and Attendance Management Solution

This system focuses on Productivity enhancement, Attendance Monitoring, Compliance It Features a Fingerprint or Face identification option, Person tracking, Interoperability with SMART Card systems and a robust Reporting Module

What you get

  • The Elimination of Ghost-workers
  • A Boost in staff and student attendance and productivity
  • A Central Database for records management – The Compliance Unit can access this database easily and make OBJECTIVE decisions
  • The automation of employee activities such as time utilization, leave application, training requests and dependent and beneficiary changes, the firm can save considerable administrative time and expense associated with paper forms and manual processes

Typically implemented to check incidents of ghost workers in the institutions service, Biotrac has also been redesigned to check truancy of students within classrooms. It is a secure compliance tool that leverages basic biometric identification features of an individual - fingerprint, faceID or both to allow secure identification and boost compliance within systems. The system can be deployed in a fixed or mobile environment.

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